For a perfect fit 

Size guide

We understand that every pet has their own personality and that no pet is the same. Making sure you treat them to correctly fitting items is as important as the purpose of the item it’s self. Please see below our sizing and fitting guides. 

Dogs are like people coming in all shapes and sizes, so please take our dog size examples as a rough guide. 

Our bow selection

Our bow selection comes in 5 pre made
sizes. Measurements are of the bow width. The height of each bow has been carefully measured to perfection to create  the “perfect bow” shape. 

  • XS- 2inch 
  • S - 3inch
  • M - 4inch
  • L - 5inch 
  • XL - 6inch

Our Floral Selection

Floral fasteners come in 4 pre made sizes.
These measurements are the diameter of each flower, from petal tip to opposite petal tip.

  • XS - 1inch
  • S - 2inch
  • M - 3 inch 
  • L - 4 inch

Our doggie bandana selection

As every dog is an individual so our bandana’s come in 7 sizes. There are no poppers, buttons or set fastenings, allowing you to simply tie to the perfect size.

When choosing your bandana please select from our size guide carefully.

Please remember the bandana measurements are of the longest side. The measurements include length for you to comfortably tie the bandana around your dogs neck. Making sure you leave space to fit two fingers between the fabric and your dogs neck. You may find your dog fits in more than one size group, when this happens look at the height/ build of your dog, as the larger the size the deeper the bandana point will be.

  • XS -  18.5inch - (Toy breeds, Chihuahuas, Yorkies, puppies)
  • S - 21.5inch - ( Small Jack Russell’s, mini Dachshunds,Yorkies)
  • S/M - 25.5inch -  (Westies, larger Jack Russell’s, Cavalier, tall dogs with thin necks such as: Lurches/ Greyhound)
  • M - 29inch - ( Spaniels, small Collies, small Staffies)
  • L - 32.5inch - (Weimaraner, large Staffies, small Labs/ Retrievers)
  • XL - 39.5inch ( Great Dane, fluffy German Shepherds, larger Labs/Retrievers, Mastiffs)
  • XXL - 48inch - ( Newfoundland, St Bernards, Mastiffs)